Monday, December 8, 2008


sorry for the absence ppl(esp u lee.LOL).ive been real busy these past few days.going here,going there,going busy ppl hardly have time for ourselves*makes important politician face*
ouh well,heres an update anyway :D

to doh(the somebody who msg-ed me thru the cbox.since the stupid box wasnt working i guess id be answering ur curiosity here),
yes,i admit i had once put 'im taken' on my myspace before.but please do ur homework first before simply pointing fingers and blaming ppl for the wrongs they didnt do.are u implying tht i cudnt even TRY to chnge for the better?yes ppl make mistakes.i had once been in the darkside and i realize wht i had done so i vowed to chnge and be a better muslimah for my sake and for the ppl i love.forgive me if ur just asking bcause i am starting to be emotional simply take something from the past and shove it in my face is certainly NOT a very good thng to do since i can get REALLY REALLY cranky when ppl do,helooo IM TRYING TO CHANGE HERE?but unfortunately ur not even encouraging me to do so.unless u count asking offensive questions as an act of encouragement,idk la.but still,when i read ur question i feel a surge of madness inside of me.i keep wondering wht is ur purpose of asking such degrading question.and then a thought came into my mind.perhaps you were thinking tht i am hyprocital?tht i was once a 'budak gedik' and suddenly im writing nice thngs on my blog?to make matters clear,id like to inform u tht im on a journey to make up for the bad thngs which i may have done a human,it is common knowledge tht i could not run from making mistakes be it big or small.its human nature to do so.and please dont misunderstood me,im not saying tht its okay to make these mistakes but im just stating tht ppl DO make mistakes so tht they can look back and say,"what have i done?" and repent to Allah The Almighty for their wrong doings.dear doh,im not trying to start a fight with u or anything in that just trying to clear the mist tht has formed in ur mind regarding wht i hve wrote in my myspace sorry if my answer has offended u in anyway becuse i assure u tht i had no intentions of doing so.and by asking this question u have made me realize tht wht ppl do in the past will always be talked over and over again by,uh,other ppl.and this makes me more determined to not screw thngs up in the i have said before im just a normal human being.and pardon me if i hve in anyway,hurt ur feelings or dishevel ur mind.

i hope u find this answer satisfying enough and if u wud like to clarify further matters u can do so by asking me in my cbox as u had done before.ur questions are very much appreciated,thnk you :)

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