Monday, December 29, 2008


oh my tuhan this is such a jengkel situation.

i was about to write this one hell of a loooooooong post and a stupid big dumb cockroach JUST HAVE TO whis happily past me FLYING and landing on the curtain 2 and half inches from case u didnt know i REALLY REALLY hate cockroaches.especially the flying-and-landing-on-a-curtain-2.5-inches-from-where-you-were-seating type.oh god why cant cockraches be like butterflies?okay not the,uh,winged and coloured part(a WINGED and COLOURED cockroch?ohmyganja).so i thnk ill be postponing my long-as-hell post tomorrow.and an early notice,there will be LOTS and LOTS of pictures in it peopleso prepare to get annoyed looking at MY FACE muahaha.

oh before i forgot,i went to mph and i bought kinsella's latest book!titled 'REMEMBER ME?' and i finished reading it in 5 hours.i know,SUEI la.dah lah i bot with my first pay.i was shaking when i hand tht cashier a RM50 turquoise(blue?green?) note fresh from my purse.altho it was only RM34.80 i saja lah nak tunjuk kaya bagi fifty.*makes the im-so-rich-i-wipe-my-mucus-with-rm50-notes face*well the point is i hate buying 30 somethng books and finish reading them in a few,soo not worth it lah.dumbass.why do you have to read so fast hah?*whacks own head with more rm50 notes*

i cant wait to buy the whole twilight saga with my january pay!i think its rm300 somethng.from twilight to wht,breaking dawn ah now?well yeah im thnking of buying all five(or all four?oh crap im planning to buy it and i dont even know how many books sudah keluar) when i get my pay!i hate working.but i do love the money.haha.

uh-oh.this is morphing from just a notice to one heck of a post.till tomorrow ppl,my bed is already shooting me the annoyed look already.toodles.

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