Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i am feeling very miserable right now.because i am here sitting in the family hall BLOGGING,while my friends are probably indulging themselves in barbecued chicken wings dipped in black pepper sauce.screww themm.i wish i can drive so that i can stay back as long as i want.and oh yeah,i want my curfews to be extended too lol.

today's reunion/gathering/barbecue(in which i didn't even sempat makan pun huh) was such a wasn't the food or the activities(altho i really like the slide show by afee and syfqah and that funny game we played lol) it was all about meeting up with those peoples.those peoples whom i really really really miss.we didn't meet a lot these past few years since we were dead busy preparing for spm blablabla.but now that its over,i feel that we're even closer than ever.

so i arrived at the school at eight.AT BLOODY EIGHT.and the gathering starts at twelve.AT BLOODY u can imagine how bored and pissed i was that my sister sent me so damn early huh.i tak ada buku nak baca and my dumb earphone rosak like,WADAHEL WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO FOR FOUR HOURS FLAT?well this was wht i did,

8.00: arrived at school.saw qutu and amirahafit.sesi salam-salam and qutu was all like,"pergilah jalan-jalan around sekolah.ull be surprised at how much thngs have chnged.reminisce your past moments here bebeh".so yeah i went for the walk.

oh wtf im too lazy to state from minute to minute wht was i doing for four hours.BANYAK KERJA i jalan-jalan around the school and i was very surprised doood i didnt kno the surau ada dua tingkat!i think i gaped at it for about 5 minutes to make sure tht i wasnt just imagining the other floor then after i sudah penat jalan-jalan i went bak to the pondok and sat down.talked wth qutu for a while.then she went to uia to stay at her mum's office since she was so bored and she wants to pick up smethng from her i yeah i was left alone wth amirahafit whom i havent exchanged more than 3 words since we met.okay lol tht was a bit exaggerating but wht was i supposed to say to her to start a proper civilized convo?"amirah,ana suka baju anti lah."wtf so lame -.-"

soon afterwards cik yam came!but i still felt alone since they were all budak-budak yang baik and i was the screwed up one waiting for my other screwed up friends to show up lol.then i was so bored like hell tahap ohmyganja punye bored i did these thngs repeatedly:

-tries to sleeps on a tupperware someone left at the pondok.
-not able to REALLY sleep since tupperware very damn hard like !@#$%^&* wan.
-shiftes head position in hope that a comfortable spot on the tupperware could be found.
-fails miserably and shiftes head to original head-cracking position.
-gets up and looks around for familiar faces.
-tries to sleep on tupperware again with heavily disappointed face while cursing screwed up friends for being late.

and the circle goes on and on and on.

it was about 1230 when ppl actually started to pour in.i was so hungreh so i went to tht tmpat yang banyak-banyak kedai beside the teknik skool wan with afee,syfqah,dal and aini.ate horrible tasting curry mee tht tasted very horrible indeed.i colud have sworn that i saw a bettle's leg in the kuah like after makan i balik skolah and tadaa!my screwed up fatters are already starting to show up!as soon as i passed thru the gate i saw bulat and kyob.i waved and yelled"KYOB!KYOB!"and then when i got closer i realized 'kyob' was actually lee LMFATAO.waaat she really looked like kyob from afar okay.bulat of courselah i wudnt mistaken her with anyone else since her frame is exactly like how they were on the first day i met her lol.whereas lee's tudung was i should really SHOW you how they really looked so ud REALLY get the picture.

its been almost a year since i last saw lee and when i saw her today she looked like
the pentagon buliding in the united states of this is a very PRICELESS picture.
OH MY JAKUN's the shape of lee's tudung in building form if you tilt your head a bit to the right!CAN YOU FEEL THE BUILDINGHOOD OF LEE'S TUDUNG PPL?she is soo gonna whack me to death after this.

okay lol enough obsessing about lee's tudung ir she'll kill me for good(which im sure she already has the plan in mind but is likely to postpone it until out future skating trip).okay since im so kickass malas want to write some more ill show you pictures from today!a pcture is worth a thousand words anyway.

ill start with a very annoying noseless over-exposed picture of ME so as to annoy you since i have nothng better to haha.BE ANNOYED PEOPLE.
so now you are given two options:
1.if you are very annoyed and you feel like banging your head to the monitor,please scroll down for more annoying and head banging pictures.
2.if you are not annoyed yet,you are required to stare at the highly annoying noseless picture until you get really annoyed and feel like banging your head againts the monitor.if you have,you can now refer to no1.
and to think that THIS picture is worth a thousand words.
i thnk i could think whatt the first three words are,
3.annoying AND noseless.

so there!dont worry ppl the pctures after this wont be as annoying as the first one lol.

when i saw dy's socks i just went awwwwwwwwww.
our socks nak dekat sama!(we're avid soxworld's socks fan)see.this just proves that best friends share the same sock instincts.sorrylah ppl i just get so batak-ed most of time and ill snape lame pictures like this one.altho u may thnk its a lame picture but ill cherish it forever.oh and btw mine's the pink/black/white one.dy would NEVER wear anythng pink lol.and staring at this picture for three minutes made me realize that my left foot looks weird.its so..long oO

this picture was when lee had finally normalized her tudung back from it's pentagon-like state.
look how pretty she could be!*slaps own face for telling such big lies* haha lee was very happy because she just ate one whole rangka ayam and four benda 'cucuk-cucuk dan goreng'.and a few minutes before she was talking about thngs like,"there is like soo 500+ calories in this rangka ayam.its so oily!i wonder how many oil sources were dried to produce enough oil to fry this one rangka ayam"(exaggerating) and then she ate the rangka mercilessly!

look what happened to the rangka after lee was finished with it.sorry lol i forgot to take a before picture.i just have the after heh.
her rangka is in the plastik merah wan.i felt sorry for the poor rangka because this girl CAN REALLY EAT.hear her ROAR LMFATAO.

this is my favourite picture of the dayy

jeng jeng

more jeng jengs




haha i made u scroll down banyak-banyak haha.*wtf lame

so this is the very prized picture.

okay one last jeng jeng

jeng jeng!


dua ekor kambing rabies yang terlepas dari kandang kuarantin.ketiadaan lelehan air liur adalah disebabkan pundi liur mereka telah kering kerana proses perlelehan liur mereka berlaku dengan ekstrem sekali pada satu-satu tempoh masa.

kambing rabies aika:uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh.
kambing rabies dy:dheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

my sympathy goes to them.

so sudah habis gmbar eksklusif ill guess ill be showing u random pictures i took during the whole day.

random picture one.
lee sporting one of the moves from the orang asli's 'tarian asli agung'.she was supposed to say "hungga hungga!" repeatedly but was excused because of confidential reasons.

random picture two.
bulat,looking ready to transform into a wabbit.god knows what she was trying to say.fza on the other hand,was positively beaming while looking at *nudge nudge lee nudge nudge lee* you know who.

random picture three.
altho i still have my rabies traits in this picture,whotahell cares i like it!bcause it was taken with the two most loved persons in my life :)

random picture four.
and these are another two people!lol tyah thnks that the skewered squids are actually big giant ones.what a dumblonde HAHA.

random picture five.
I LOVE YOU WOMAN.she's one of the loved ones obviously.haha THE EXPRESSION HAHA.i just loooove pissing her off with pictures like this.

lee:A FART IS COMING.AND ITS GONNA BE A BIG ONE PEOPLE SO BRACE YOURSELVES!*mengekspressikan muka meneran kentut*

lol so i guess the fart pictures will wrap up this post.i dont know if im gonna post anymore after this.i thnk ill be dead in a few hours prior to lee's wrath.well,whts a better way to show ur friends that you love them other than posting goofy pictures of them on your blog riiiiteeee?*makes innocent please-dont-kill-me smile*

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