Monday, December 1, 2008

man made vjjs?

so i was chatting wth lee on ym and then suddenly our discussion topic drifted into chris crocker(u kno who heshe is),lee's lifelong idol lmao.our convo went somethng like this,

sweet_angora57: chris crocker's brthday coming
sweet_angora57: dont u wanna buy himher a prezzie?
sweet_angora57: lmao
stoken_kasot: do u know..
stoken_kasot: umm..
sweet_angora57: wha?
stoken_kasot: he had a sex change
stoken_kasot: i feel terrible
stoken_kasot: broken hearted
sweet_angora57: duh,yeahh obviously he had a sex chnge
stoken_kasot: now he would never marry me!!
sweet_angora57: i tot u knew tht oO
stoken_kasot: he just had it
sweet_angora57: WHAT?
stoken_kasot: yeah
sweet_angora57: he gives me the creeps
sweet_angora57: NO OFFENCE oh chris crockers biggest fan
stoken_kasot: lol shutup
sweet_angora57: so he has like,a vgina now?
sweet_angora57: *ewwww-ER*
stoken_kasot: yea
stoken_kasot: a man-made's
stoken_kasot: euw
sweet_angora57: i wonder wht..
sweet_angora57: oh nvrmind

note,i was the orange one n lee was the green one.

and so since i have nthng better to do,i googled it up lol.

and i saw pctures or real vjjs like EWWWW

but wht made me lugh was this transgender song i found,

You don't know what you want to be
Trapped in a body that isn't free
Change your exterior
What will you be
Male or female you will see

You're gonna get some surgery
Make you into a human freak
Pick your organs off the shelf
You wish you could fuck yourself

Preen in the mirror you twisted soul
Fashion your cock to a freakish hole
Discussed with your human form
Deviation from the norm

Your gonna get some surgery
Turn you into a human freak
Pick your organs off the shelf
You wish you could fuck yourself
In your man-made vagina

Terror within a mental shell
Hate your own persona
Bankrupted cravings of sin
Freakshow in human skin
Corrupted by science

Corrupted by science

Panhandle money for your new skin
Become what you have always craved
Saving up await the time
Butcher your grotesque pantomine

Now your going under the knife
Mutilate your body to change your life
Bruised and pained smiling gleefully
Is it all what you want it to be
You have a man-made vagina

doood seriously,LMAO.

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