Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An evening in the park.


this is what happens when i get in my extreme literature mood.

I looked right.I looked I was about to turn my head I saw a young teenage couple.Probably not much older than I am.The two lovebirds were walking hand in hand and occasionally, the guy would pinch the girl's cheek and the she would pout in disagreement.I stared at them for a few moments before finally slipping into the crowd to get myself away from those two lustful lovers.

I kept walking until I saw an unoccupied bench.I sat down and crossed my legs.I kept this position until a frail-looking old man came and sat beside me.He said,"young lady,crossing your legs is a very shameful and disrespectful act." I stared at the old man.I wondered what he would say if he was the two lovebirds i saw earlier.Heart attack?Probably.

I smiled at him and uncrossed my legs.I turned to my rip curl sling bag and started rummaging for the book that i just bought at MPH earlier."Why waste your time when you hardly have any left?"I told myself.As I started to flip open the first page I saw the old man staring at me.He asked,"Is that a book in foreign language?" I smiled at him again and nodded.He turned away from me and stared down at the floor with such deep thoughts.I buried myself in the depths of my book and without any jolts to reality,I started biting my nails.As I was on to the second finger the old man clicked his tongue and said to me,"Why on earth are you biting your nails?Its such a nasty thing to do."

Three interruptions was still tolerable.But when the fourth came regarding my lip-chewing habit I exploded with rage and impatience."I don't mean to be rude old man,but don't you have other things to be done than sitting on this bench and critic my doings all day?" My voice was raised.But it wasn't high.Although he was starting to get on my nerves,I still have respect for him since he's and old man who looks like he hasn't been fed for a few years.

The old man was startled by my sudden emotional outburst.As he stared at me with his dark beady eyes I began to feel guilty.I faced him and said,"I'm sorry if I was rude old man.But I really don't like to be interrupted when I'm reading."after I finished he stared at me longer before saying something.It was barely a whisper,"You're like her.You really are like her." I looked at him in confusion.I started to figure out about what he was talking about and I nearly came to a conclusion that he was senile.But a senile man wouldn't tell a young lady what is rude and what is not would he?So I became curious and asked,"What are you talking about?"

The old man paused for a moment before replying,"You're like Een.You're like my daughter."As soon as I heard the word daughter I felt some interest aroused within me.I asked him again,"Oh you have a daughter?What's her name?" his answer made me frown,"I had a daughter.Her name was Een."I was still confused when I asked,"Why did you say 'you had a daughter'?What happened to Een?"the old man shifted his gaze from me.He took out something from his pocket.It was a silver plated wristwatch.But i saw that the both the needles had stopped moving."Hey the wristwatch is broken.Why wouldn't you go and have it repaired?Maybe polish it a bit too.Then it'll look as good as new!" I suggested to the old man.I became deadpan as he repeated his words,"You're like Een.You're like my daughter."

With those last words, he dropped off the bench and onto the floor with a loud thud.My pupil dilated as I panicked and yelled for help.A Good Samaritan who was passing by heard my scream of despair and came over to see what was the screaming all about."He was talking..and then he just..dropped onto the ..floor."I was breathing heavily as I explained because I saw that blood was oozing out from the old man's nostrils.The Good Samaritan called over a few more passersby and he got someone to call the ambulance.I asked him with uncertainty,"Is he..going to be..alright?" the Good Samaritan did what he should have done moments ago.He checked the old man's pulse.My heart throbbed as if it was coming out with each second passing.I looked at the Good Samaritan for confirmation of my earlier question.He faced me slowly and said,"He's dead."Only god knows how shocked I was.Thoughts were running through my head,"Who is this man?Why did he say i was like his daughter?Why did he suddenly dropped dead?" I remained seated on the bench as the situation become hectic.My face was as white as snow,as cold as ice because I just witnessed an old man dropping dead.I was left with no answers to the thoughts in my head.Everything was a big giant blur for me.

The firm grip of a hand on my shoulder shocked me back to reality.I turned around and there was the Good Samaritan,giving me a sympathized smile."I'm sorry."was all that he could muster.He then turned around and continued heading down the path he was walking when he heard my frantic screams minutes earlier.I was left alone with the racing thoughts in my head.Alas,i looked up at the sky."God really does work in mysterious ways."I said to myself as I rose from my startled state and started the journey back home.

* * *

duuude.i never knew i could produce this kind of essay O.O

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