Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i think ill write about something different today.

about how i miss my tuition lol.okay okay i know usually after spm its like,a must for ppl to write about how they miss school,the teachers,the friends yada yada yada.but hey,why not write about how you miss ur tuition?

so here goes,
good i just miss going to perfection.lepaking at starbucks(skali je pun slalu dekat old town je haha) for an hour before tuition starts.i miss chatting with k.dora about this and that.about skank mostly.haha.i miss christopher!oh god i REALLY REALLY MISS math class cos thts where he's in lol.his body language n fashion sense makes you thnk, "is this guy REALLY married wth 3 childresn?" dude like seriously,most of my friends call him nyah lol.except me lah,i very the good budak.

then i miss ben!oh benny baybeh*drools addmath questions*.benjamin koh.he's the addmath teachers but he looks like he can easily be an underwear model lmao.he is THAT hot i tell you.thts why i can never pass my addmaths.i cant bloody concentrate when a hot dude is teaching!*bangs head to wall* i wonder how amy can ace her addmath when she's always too busy ogling at his tushy xD

and mr.zeelan,the chemistry teacher.mann he was very strict when he teaches but fatting funny ok.but of courselah cannot lawan eswaran*walks slowly past memory lane*

aaaaahhh i just miss tuition!evvrytime i drove by perfection id always stare longingly.I.WANT.PERFECTION.i mean,i wanna go back to perfection!darrnn i just miss life back when i was a fifth former.the life of a school leaver sucks real bad i tell u juniors better make the best of wht u have while ur still schooling.and please dont say "omg i cant wait for school to finishh!" cos ull REALLY be regretting it later.i know i did.*sighs*

can i go to school for just one more year?

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