Sunday, December 14, 2008


brace urself readers cause today is gonna be apost filled with pictures.haha

sorreh i didnt blog ysterday since i was so darn tired leh.ysterday was graduation day btw.and boy didnt it went well.i guess paying RM50 was worth it after all.

so i woke up at about 630 ysterday since amy was picking me up at hour to get ready okaylah right?im soo not like bqis who takes a whole two hours to ONLY apply her make up one i was dumbing around on wht to wear and i finally decided to wear my baju saree(as we sisters call it).its not actually a saree.its just a baju kurung moden made wth the kain that was supposed to be made into saree(if u get wht i mean).mum bot the material in india and it was last year's baju i sudah siap2 sumeua and i waited about another 15mins until amy finally cam.(730 KONON.MORE LIKE 745.)and so we were on our way to segi!amy and blqis wasnt wearing a tudung haha like selamba badak gile.and then we went to register wth the teachers yada yada yada and then we went to some hall to have bfast.padel wasnt up yet and were dead worried tht he's not coming since he's our chaffeur or the day HAHA.the event was supposed to start at 8 and padel actually woke up AT EIGHT.and before we went to get our robes we waited for a few more minutes and there he was,looking smarter than usual.(HAHEHA)

so we went to resigter(again like duh there was so many registerings ysterday urgh) so tht we cud get our robes.and the robes were so elegant i tell you!it was black with gold borders(which looked like pure gold fuiyoh) and it was okaylah if you were wondering about the first i took an XL robe and i looked like a stick wrapped in 6 yards of kain.sakai mann.haha.then i finally went for the L size and thnkyou god it looks okay on me.

here's a picture of how stupid we looked,

padel,amy,bqis,me,tasya,wieda and mel :)

i thnk i looked super stupid in ths picture.padel looked taller bcause knownable reasons HAHA.and blqis said wieda looked like someone who was going for hajj.oh god i love these people.
and then we went into the auditorium and the event started.sang nageraku bla bla bla yada yada yada ha ha ha.and then it was finally over.haha.after that we took a lot of pctures using god-knows-whose cameras.i mean,there wee like so many cameras and i didnt really whose camera was i posing for lol.we alos took a picture while jumping!im pretty sure this pcture was taken by mel's sister.we were high school musical wannabes for one whole day lol.ill post the jumping pcture later.

after a lot of pcture snapping we were finally feeling vereh tired and hungry and so we returned our robes and went for lunch(we refers to amy,padel and me je haha).when we sudah kenyang macam tak igt dunia we went to the curve pulak.again.haha.kelmarin dah pergi harini pergi lagi.since there wasnt much time left kami pergi kacau nek kerja dekat metrojaya.bila kami saw him,he was lipat-ing bajus.he worked in the childrens department and there were so many cute-as-hell bajus!oh god i want a baby O.O i thnk nek applied for the ladies department but since he looks so perverted he was given the children's instead lmao.and after jalan-jalan like org gile my feet rasa macam mahu putus dua since i was wearing this all day,

i know i know its not like i was wearing 10 inch stilettos but because im too used to wearing flats and ONLY flats i feel sudeh tak larat mahu hidup lah wearing this for one whole day.amy was wearing platform so like tak heran sgtlah hehe.i even walked barefooted for a few minutes and i was like londeh-ing my kain so nobody wud notice my bare feet.HAHA.after a while i feel so jijik jalan-jalan barefooted that i forced my aching feet into the stupid pair of heels(HELLS more like) and walked to the parking lot to finally GOOO HOOMEE.

so that was ysterday.hehe.
here are some random pictures from the past haha.
this picture was from the day before when we went bowling.far left:mine,nit's,bqis's and boys's.I TOLD YOU boy's shoes were hideous.HAHA.

these were the chocolate bars aunt bah bot back from far far away.haha.mine's the swiss one.ahh that remnids me i havent had my dose of chocolate today.*droooools minorly*

i dont rly know why im posting this pcture.haha.this was on the graduation's rehearsal day on friday.the bag's mine but the phone isnt mind still stuck wth my dumb old coming for you supernova!

this picture has tot me one lesson in life.if you cant pucker,then DONT.cause ull end up looking like how i did in this pcture.even hideous doesnt match the picture.*hungs head in shame* and thts mel pervy partner :D

i really like this picture!because my favourite elephant mug is innit.hehe.this pcture was taken a few days ago when i was having tea wth tyah(mint tea.ahh refreshengg) in front of the house.the house in ths pcture is my argentinian neighbours' warned because their casual dress code is very censoring lmao.

this picture was one hell of a lama punye picture(not THAT lama lah.about a few months punya lama haha).i posted it because im currently craving for that soothing taste of choclate cream chip.*fantasizes sip* ahhhhhhh.the mug beside my yummy choclate cream chip is amy's.her's was some hazelnut shit that has the smell of leaking drain,SERIOUSLY.idk how she cud've drank it until habis O.O tabik amy!

this was how my study table looked during spm.semak like jebon i tell you.biasalah,since i didnt really have time to actually organize it.ITS SPM DUH.haha.and i left it like this for a few days after spm since i was too lazy to put my books in the store HEHA.i was sweating bagai seekor babun after i finished putting my books away from the damn table.

looks much tidier down dont cha think?hey i didnt just push the books down and snapped this pcture ok :P

this one shows just how much of a slob i can be.hehe.i had nasi lemak for lunch and the sotong was liat as hell and when i tried ripping it apart with my fork it just bounced of the plate and onto my lap.and voila!the bottom part of my top was covered in im not really THAT confident on turning eighteen.

my backyard.literally.its annoying when ur backyard is rimba-ish because u get all sorts of VISITORS at night.and some were never before seen either.but the up side is that its verry cold and u rarely have to switch on the fan so jimat lah electricity!

well i thnk this hutan/backyard picture is enuf to wrap up this hand s are aching from too much typing,CEH.hehe.until next time ppl.toodles.

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