Friday, December 5, 2008


i had a nightmare when i slept after subuh this morning.

figures,I SLEPT AFTER SUBUH THIS MORNING.i always always have bad dreams when i do so.but its so hard not to continue sleeping after subuh prayers laaah.
tips anyone?

yeah so the,uh,morningmare.
it was so damn scary i tell u.its about a big hugeee humoungous crocodile who was chasing me everywhere!the background of this dream is at my mother's side of the kmpung in perak.its very,uh,kampung-ish la.with the papan house n the start of the nightmare i was sort of jungle tracking with the villagers in the middle of the night(??).then suddenly we heard a,uh,dumb sound and we saw this big croc and of courselah we ran for our lives.we were taking refugee at the verandah of my late granma's house when we saw the croc whizzing by in a boat(??).weirdly enough he was,uh rowing(???).i know,freaky ainnit?at tht time i was sitting wth some boy(not a hottie disappointingly ) who was about 10/11 yrs old n strangely enough i think he's supposed to my cousin whom i was protecting form the,uh,giant croc.i think he just lost his little sister to the cros because she fell down and the croc ate her(??)yeah n there i was consoling him when the croc suddenly whizzed by and then we were all static because we didn't want the croc to notice us.but then this boy/cousin of mine lifted his arms in the air for no damn reason and LUCKY!the croc spotted us and like,woahh man he just poked his big stupid head thru the papan wall!we were all like,really freaked out and we went scurrying like headless chickens.i felt the fear oO then i sort of lost my boy/cousin and i think he got eaten too.poor guy.well then there i was,ALONE,suddenly looking disheveled and being alert of the croc.come to think of it,i think the croc ate everyone back in the house.i guess i didn't return to the house because i was freaked out of the croc's constant head poking on the walls lol.okay back to the story,uh,dream.and then somehow i got hold of a metal spear(??) and i think i was supposed to kill the croc with it.the croc was chasing me in bloody zigzag and i was running backwards(??).and the croc freakishly has a spear too.but his was a wooden one HAHA.then i fell while running backwards and the croc was like closing in on me when i suddenly reached for a sharp rock and stabbed his brains with it.(why didn't i just use the bloody spear??) and i fell asleep on one of the logs there.when i woke up,it was a beautiful morning and i was still on the log when kevin federline(wtf) appeared and congratulated me for killing the crocodiles.he gave me my babies(??) back.(they were blond weird enough) and i remembered feeling so happy and hugging them tightly and sort of floating above the scary lake i guess when i saw k-fed meta morphed into the big dumb croc and he was drowning me and my babies!i woke up after that because i forced myself to.i know that i was dreaming but i just didn't wanna see the gory ending i yeah,i woke up.

and i vowed to myself that i am NEVER sleeping after subuh again.but i'll need help on this one -.- "

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