Thursday, December 4, 2008


i am officially being my own house.EVERY SINGLE DAY my parents go out and i was left to fend for myself!where is the fairness in this?its nearly 5 o'clock and i hadn't even had my lunch yet mainly because THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO EAT and NOBODY bothered TO CALL and ASK if i wanted THEM to buy anything for me to eat so that ill continue staying ALIVE on their way back from god-knows-where.

spm is over and im suddenly being left alone.CHILD CARE SERVICE,u got a serious case of neglection here.

DO NOT tell me to look on the brightside.there is no brightside in cases of child abuse.there are only mental,physical and emotional tortures*wails loudly*.if my parents dont bring bak anythng to eat i am seriously going on a hunger strike.

hear the voice of your hungry and abused child!
*yanks own hair and drops dead*

p/s:this post was an example of how much of a drama queen i can be and how i just loove please note tht im not rly abused lol.

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