Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i just finished watching simpsons the movie.
and bloody hell,


excuse moi for what,overreacting?but it was damndamnberdarah funny ler.homer is hilarious.but apart from the humour(homer?haha) there were,surprisingly,moral values to be learned lol.
like,uh,dont be selfish,always put ur family before urself yada yada yada *yawns*
but overall it was a kickass movie :D (i feel as if im doing a review for transporter 3.wtf)

sigh.suddenly i feel like having one of those penang's mamak's kaya bun.yeah the freshly made ones.the ones you can only get by stopping the bread vendor in the middle of the road(or when he passes by ur house) and saying, "saya mau roti kaya,bun.saya mau satu saja roti kaya,bun." oh god im reminiscing the taste right noww. *drools kaya*

i miss going back to penang.i miss having my dinner in padang kota.i miss watching the sea(theres like a sea-wtching platform nearby padang kota) at night.i miss spending my raya there.i miss sleeping in one big room with my noisy cousins.i just miss penang :|

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