Sunday, March 1, 2009

She had short hair and was very pretty.

"because blogging is my only source of comfort."

im referring to one of lee's latest entries.

so i saw the video of mickey hays,the coolest kid with progeria ever.and then fter the video ended another two videos popped up(tahulah youtube punya sistem tu kan).and then i saw a video titled Juliana Wetmore.

she was born without a face.literally.Juliana has treacher collins syndrome which means that 30-40% of her facial bones weren't developed during the time she was in the womb.she didn't even have eye sockets and her eyeballs were like just hanging on her face.

Thankyou Allah The Almighty for creating me as perfect a human being as can be.Altho i may not be as pretty as anyone who IS pretty im still thankful because i have the right amount of body parts and they're all functioning flawlessly and i dont face any real difficulties in life.

Thankyou,thankyou :)

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