Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Because when i'm with my friends,i'm finally at peace.

i dont know why.but i just feel so happy today.not just so happy.but SOOOOOSOOOOOSOOOOOWERTYUIASDFGHJKZXCVBNMWERTYUISDFGHJKXCVBNM HAPPY oke.

dont ask me why ok i told you i dont know.i just feel that way lol.

well okay maybe i DO know why im feeling really verry bladipigpig happy.but i think some things are just better left unsaid no?

okay fine i'll tell youuhhh.phessh cant a girl have some privacy.(WTFF)

maybe im happy because the cardigan was a perfect fit.

maybe im happy because i bought a whole box of big apple doughnuts for my friends.

maybe im happy because i get to eat baskin robbins's chocolate ice cream with strawberry topping,whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on it.

maybe im happy because someone made an effort to actually buy me a baldi and hand it to me with my name wirtten on it which is actually very flattering lol.

maybe im just happy because i get to spend the day with the people who matter the most to me.

maybe,just maybe ;)

oh and do you know how hard it is to make a nonchalant expressionless face while carrying a baldi in public like it's the most normal thing to do?

trust the experienced,VERY HARD.

i was like carrying the baldi with my "so what" face and everybladibody was looking at the baldi and they had the why-the-hell-is-this-girl-carrying-a-baldi-with-writings-on-it-in-public look on their faces and it was so hard trying to mantain the selambe expresionless face ok.i caught myself smiling a few times lol.well at least i had carried a baldi in public and survived.HAVE YOU?


omg dahlah tadi masa nak turun escalator ade plaaak seko mamat celcom ni nak bagi simkad free.AKU TAKNAK AKU TAKNAK LA WOI.aku baru habes masuk kad ktm tu dlm mesin mamat tu approach aku.

"nah free simkad."
"hah takpelah."
"eh awak ni umur brape?"
"takpe takpe."
"taak,awak ni umur berape?"
"tinggi eh awak ni.saye suke perempuan tinggi-tinggit ni."
"*muke gilebabi wtf* uh."
"ni siap bawak baldi lagi.pegi melancong ke.bia saye bawakkan."
"*muke triple gilebabi wtf* hah takpe takpe."

watehell tak mamat celcom tu?aku rase macam nak sepak crotch die right there and then.tapi nanti jadi scene pulak.or maybe i should've just screamed,"LEAVE ME ALONE LA YOU SHITTY PIECE OF WERTYUIOASDFGHJKXCVBNMWERTYUI"

HE FOLLOWED ME DOWN THE ESCALATOR OK.dahlah aku sorang-sorang.freak out tak freak out aku.right after the convo aku buat muke quadruply-annoyed-irritated-ill-infertile-you-if-you-dont-piss-off-right-now aku baru die stop nagging.and the journey back home wanst a wonderful one either.dahlah semue pun balik awal.pukul 445 aku dah sampai kl central wtf.meme kate nak datang pukul enam.kenela aku lepak macam orang bodoh sorang-sorang dengar mp3 sampai 515.APASAL KORANG SEMUE SEBOK NAK BALIK AWAL HAH? *bground song-disturbia dengan routine tarik-tarik rambut*

tapi if you kick out the celcom guy incident and my nak-balik-awal friends,it was one of teh nicest day i had since spm ended.thankyou lee,bam,hasan,halim and all of you for making it a wonderful bye-bye-everybody day for me.i love you guys :)

ok aku perlu berhenti sekarang atau aku akan jadi semakin cheesy.tomorrow will be my last post before my three months stint bebehs.i know you're looking forward to it already altho maybe it's just gonna be a short one because i have no idea what to write anymore lol.or maybe i'll come up with something and write a long LOOOOOONNNGGGGGG post for yous.


Today's Grateful Splink:
I'm grateful for everything i have right now and i couldn't ask for more.

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