Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Because some things come a long way.

the life of a non worker is so..unproductive.

today was worst by far.i woke up at what,2pm?

figures la i slept at 530 yesterday reading hana yori dango.its so addictive i cant bladi sleep.and now my body is malfunctioning.

meme told me she heard somewhere that during the entire 8 hours of sleep,regularly being from 10-6,ur body is being repaired in stages.like from 10-11 your brain is being repaired.from 11-12 ur blood circulation or some other shit.

so that means i wasnt repaired at all last night O.O

im such a wreck.

well anywhose,my colorful polka dotted cardi finally arrived today!satu lori(ok exaggerate.van je kot) datang depan rumah i lalu tingtong sambil menjerit-jerit nama cantik i diluar pagar.ya mengapa aku harus jadi sungguh vain seperti ini.lee,penyakit kau sungguh contagious.STAY AWAY.wdf.satu yang saya tidak puas hati adalah merupakan kenapa harga post sungguh mahal -.-

oh ya jika anda berkenan untuk melihat kecantikan cardi rm50(HAGAGAHAGAGHA WA SUDAH CAKAP SHOPPING ONLINE MURAAAAAAH) saya,sila scroll sikit saja

BE ENVIOUSS.sape kate buruk aku ketok kepale dengan batu lesung.I MEAN IT.cantik kan kan kan kan?(SAY BLADI YES)

but the turn off is that it falls just a bit below my butt.i think its too short aaahhh.but the sleeves were long tho.maybe it wud look okay if paired with a plain colored sleeveless long top inside.any suggestions?

Today's Grateful Splink:
Im grateful for my cardigans lah.what else lmao.


halimzin said...

pestle and mortar anyone?
mortar and pestle anyone?

Aika said...

id like MORTAR and pestle please.


notice what comes FIRST?

maryam said...

falls just a bit below ur butt. okay whaat. besides, u said u dont have a butt.
or was that someone else? O.o

Aika said...

if u leave it unbuttoned ok la
cardi biasela kalau button mesti body hugging punye -.-


i thnk tats lee lmao

Lee said...

what are mortar and pestleee?


Aika said...


were u raised in japan or smthng.
oh make that beijing HAHAHAHA