Thursday, March 4, 2010

The unplaned ALWAYS turns out to be the best

Yesterday I met up with Fatim at Sunway Piramid. It's been such a loooong time since we last saw each other :|


But I don't really blame her. I know how parents can be -_-

And after meeting uo we were like, "Hey let's go to the theme park. It might be fun."

So we went :D

We rode on everything maaaan. Well, nearly everything. We didn't know that the park doesn't have an entrance fee for the amusement park ONLY. The cheapest was RM48 (after we used MyKad) and that was for both the amusement park and the wet park. So we sort of had no choice and we payed up while silently cursing the booth attendant.

My my how Sunway Lagoon has become really, uh, modern! They don't have the plastic tags that you have to wear around your wrist like they used to. Now they have some kind of rubber watch :O

You can guess which one is my hand -_- The watches were practical I guess. But they made my wrist sweat(?) like a pig. And I just realize that my skin color is actually brownish red. HAHA. NOT black :|

Lame attempt at posing with ugly wrist watch WINS. Fatim was really concerned if her lips were protruding at every single shot we took bikus she has metal teeth :D

This was when we went on that big bowl (cup?) thing. I never realized that it can spin so fast O.O So my picture turned out..spinning. And I suddenly have weird huge light colored eyeballs instead of my dark brown ones. Meh.

And of course, being who we are, it was compulsory for a camwhoring session. See how Fatim was trying to hide her metal teeth? xD

I TRIED to be sepet but I just couldn't :|

I have always been and will forever be poyo. It was BURRRNINGGG HOOOTTT btw.

Even the shape of my ice-cream was retarded ftw. Fatim really took her time eating the ice-cream. She ended up being sticky all over :D

Fatim took like 10 pictures of the tiger because it came reaaaaalllyyy reaaaalllyy close to the spectators. You can relate by looking at the distance between subject and the photographer. Ha Ha. But I'll just put up one tiger picture. Wouldn't wanna bore you with..tiger pictures.

So after riding a few rides and feeling all dizzy and nauseous we decided to walk around in Sunway Piramid instead.

Oh btw Fatim kept complaining of chest pain everytime we rode on an adrenaline-pumping ride. "Don't you feel it? Don't you feel the pain?" O.O

So we went into Sunway Piramid and decided to check out Asian Avenue because Fatim said it has nice shops.

The first shop we went into sell totally weird stuffs. Like masks and eyeballa get the picture.

IT DOES NOT FIT. Although it doesn't look mismatched. Eh.

HAHA THIS ONE SO TOTALLY FITS. Cough, I suppose, cough.

So after that we went to Burger King and had lunch. Few more rounds and at 6 something we said goodbye :(

I wondered into World of Cartoon and bought Nazif a Winnie the Pooh T-shirt with shorts and a Ben10 stationary set for Naqib. I spoil my nephews baaaaaaaaad. Ha Ha.

Oh and I also bought this really uber nice cheetah printed selendang at Jusco! (althought instead of the original color it was black and grey. But it still looked really damn nice) Man I never knew jusco had really nice selendangs. Although it did cost me RM24.00 and that is a lot for a selendang okay. I usually buy mine for RM10 at Jalan TAR HAHAHA.

and besides the selendang Ialso bought a sequined shirt from Scarlet (RM10 and it was practically calling my name) and a long racerback tank from Forever 21. It was purple. And it was love at first sight. That one costs RM19. So I didn't spend that much. But I sort of regret paying for the entrance fee. Rm48 is quite a lot you know. I can buy like 3 racerback tanks in different colors with that! Or two nice selendangs at Jusco. Or 4 sequined shirts from Scarlet. Or 5 stationary sets for Naqib. Or 3 pairs of shirt and short for Nazif.


So that was yesterday. Today I'm spending the whole day at home. Probably gonna play badminton with Meme this evening if I FEEL like going out haha.

Oh and can't wait for Friday night! The whole family is going to Hadramawt for dinner :D

Dear Tyah please be home by then :| I haven't seen you in three weeks. Huu.


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Aika said...

HA-HA. aku pon last pegi time f2. SILA JANGAN NAIK KAPAL TU bangang. die tekan breast doh.

misfaida said...

pegi ta ajak.

Aika said...

ni last minit wahai mereyem darlinggg.

nasuha said...

HAHA maryam emoooooooo. maryam, next time we go together okay? HEEHEH

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okeh konpem ni patem nasuha. HAHAGAHAG