Monday, March 29, 2010

Marriage. And stuff

I'm getting obsessed with marriage lately. And I think it'll only end when I finally DO get married. So yes, as expected, today's post will be about MY WEDDING DAY!

Yes, I have done something like this before. (Lee's tag. Remember) But then I felt that I didn't let out(?) all my wants for my own wedding on that tag. So let's do it again! I think this one primarily going to be about the, uh, wedding gown and that kind of stuff. Very girly indeed.

For my wedding I don't want to wear those rented-wedding-outfits-which-will-look-awkward-on-me-no-doubt which like everybody is doing.

I wanna wear a gown. LITERALLY. And I'm gonna find a way to somehow make it look er, muslimah.

These are a big NO NO for me.


But these, on the other hand, can make my mouth water like a drainage pipe.

I'm considering this kind of dress, BIGTIME. And the bride looks so pretty too :) Purple does seem nice. But I think I want the theme color to be expensive-looking brownish gold. YumYum. But of course I'll be adding a big mofoing tiara on my head and my hijab will have to cover what is suppose to covered. But this gorgeous dress can be a basic idea. He He.

I SO WANNA WEAR THIS ABAYA DURING MY AKAD CEREMONY. IT HAS GLOWING AND RADIANT SPELT ALL OVER! And the website where I found this gorgeous fairy white abaya is actually SELLING them too. I soooo wanna wear this one! It's so pretty I wanna cry. Sobs.

OOOHHHH THIS ONE IS SO AWESOME I COULD DIE IN AWE STARING AT IT. But of course I can't wear it just like that because my muscular(?) arms will show and all. There's always a way to muslimahify(wtf) these kind of dresses, er, right?

This one is pretty cute too. But it's not really my style though. And she's not really covering what's supposed to be covered, so yeah.

Note to Husband to be : Can I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have at least three different wedding dresses? *bats eyelashes*

And now we go on to the shoes part! Yes. ShoeS. Or maybe not. Akad nikah will prolly be in a mosque so it would be stupid to wear shoes. Maybe I'll just buy a cute pair of siler sequined flats instead. Yes yes that can be arranged. I really like what Bam's sister wore during her akad ceremony (top to toe). Her flats are soooo cute!

One of the reasons why I want my husband to be taller than me is so that I could still wear heels and he wouldn't look shorter hence, no awkwardness. I don't like how Katie Holmes look freakishly taller than Tom Cruise when she wore heels. And when they walk together it looks just..wrong.

Bring in the heels baybee!

Pre-note: I'm not ever ever ever ever wearing wedges or kitten heels. I want my wedding heels to be a full 2.5-3 inch heels. NO PLATFORMS.

This one is so simple and elegant! And the heels are not sky high too. I'll definitely consider a similar pair when I shop for my wedding shoes.

I love the diamante details on this pair! Looks very weddingy. I wonder if this is dyeable.

I WILL DEFINITELY WEAR A SIMILAR PAIR FOR MY WEDDING RECEPTION. (Eventhough my feet looks ugly in white. Heck, my whole body looks ugly in white. The brown curse :|)

as for the flats,


Although this one would look very, uh, adult-like. But it's so formal. Yeurgh.

The next thing on my list is a wedding hijab!

I absolutely don't wanna wear tudung bawal on my wedding day. It just doesn't have the..X factor(?) of wedding hijabs.

Instead of the usual wedding hijabs, why not try these?

THE PINK ONE IS SO DAMN FINE. But the others are not really, you know, covering. I wonder where I can find a head thing like the pink hijabi has on her head.

Well this is the only picture of a covering wedding hijab that I manage to find. The rest are not so Islamic (neck showing, ear showing etc).

Check out this one,


Oh and I found this website based in the states that sells very modest wedding gowns. But it's a shame that they don;t include hijabs as well.

It's so pretty. Sobs.

It's so pretty . Sobs. II

It's so pretty. Sobs. III

It' so pretty. Sobs. IV

NOW you see why I wanna wear an actual wedding gown during my wedding reception? They're so pretty and puffy and gowny(?)

Sigh. I really can't wait to get married.


haha said...

i hope you get the husband that can afford these kinda things.

No offense though.

I want the niqab one.itu sgt cool dan orang akan jeles tertanya tanya,asal xnmpak muka wife dia?


Aika said...

HAHAHAH SHUT UPP. im giving examples ok. doesnt mean i want the exact one. it would cost a bomb -_-

HAHA KAAAANN. dahlah renda2. kiyuttt.

Mrs Salju Kasih said...

seems like ur wedding is jz around d corner..


Aika said...

hahgaagaga nooo laaah.

kiko kiki lala said...

hee. yep, im so agreeing with u with da gown thingy. i dun exactly like the idea of the typical malay wedding dress.

jemputlah bila nak kawen. nak tgk pengantin. :)

Aika said...

omg kaaaan. baju2 mcmtu dah boring la tgk. i want something different :D

hisshh opkossss! sila hayati kecantikan pengantin pada hari itu xD

.huda. said...


u might end up taller(?) than ur hubby(?)