Monday, March 22, 2010

I can actually bake on my own. I wanna cry.

I was surprised that my chocolate chip scones turned out puhretty delicious. I'm not saying that it is indeed the most delicious thing in the whole world, but you know how ridiculously vain first time bakers can be. Ha Ha.

Let's do pictures.

My ugly-looking-but-yummy-tasting babies being baked. SOBS. You cannot imagine how proud I was after wrestling with the flour and milk and eggs and that stupid chocolate chip.

OH THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Do you wanna know what happened to them? They frickin melted and freakin formed a big lump of chunky milk chocolate. I was so friggen pissed becaue I wanted my scones to have bits and pieces of chocolate chips not big ugly lumps of chocolate!

But it ended up pretty okay. So technically these aren't really chocolate chip scones. They're chocolate chunk scones, I guess.

To hell with the name. The taste was divine! (I know that nobody's gonna praise me on such a dumb achievement so heck, why not praise myself. Ha Ha)

Naqib. A few seconds before he began to annoyingly chant "I wanna take some pictures. Give me the camera! I wanna take pictureessssss" for at least 10 minutes before I yelled at him to shut up. Yes I still cannot tolerate 3 year olds. Thuse, I can't be getting married in the near future can't I :|


And because the baking was taking so long I decided to snap random pictures of the house. The first picture, of course being the house opposite mine. I iz stalking yous.

I have a very stupid gate.

The hutan belakang rumah that's filled with giant spiders and roaches and God knows what else.

I COULDN'T RESIST TAKING A PICTURE OF NAZIF. He was looking all innocent in bibik's gendong(?) with his big bulging eyes and cute nose and small mouth LIKE HERRGHHH I COULD RIP HIM APART FOR BEING TOO CUTEEE.

Babies, I can tolerate.

And after taking a lot of shatty pictures my scones are finally baked!

Okay I know scones are supposed to be all thick and circly and stuff. But in the instruction that I had, the mixture was supposed to be layed out flat on a floured surface and sliced into 8 sections. Sort of like triangle scones. Which is way more retarded than cupcake-like scones. So mak gave me trays and had me put the mixture into the trays instead of slicing it into 8 awkward sections.

But hey, don't judge a scone by its shape!

See the chocolate bits? One bite is enough to make you high. Ha Ha Ha.

On the inside. The chocolate *cough* chunks *cough* meltzzzzzzz purfekli in your mouth.

Ans I can finally say that I LOVE BAKING.


ceLy. said...

waah. very well done. :)

it's depends on it taste not on it's looks. ;)
(ceh amek ati la kaan)

ezral Sya said...


Aika said...


sya: singgahlah rumah minum kopi!

Kartika Azmi said...

wahhh grrreat.

nazif comel! :D

Aika said...

haha kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann!

haha said...

I prefer Nazif than your scones.

But well done,u did something that is uhhhhh, luar biasa?

Aika said...

but nazif isnt edibleeeeeeeeee!

O YEAAAHHH! with this, you should give me like 2 chocolate bars. (god knows why really)

.huda. said...

betowl ke sedap???

i doubt that.

PEHAL mcm de pokok kelapa kat ur yard? hehhh

Aika said...

sedap laaaa! nnti kite nk blaka buat sushi XD

tu pokok kelape yg untuk hiasan(?)