Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I would want in a husband

1. He MUST wear glasses.

I really don't know why but I have since as I can remember, bore a soft spot for guys with glasses. They look so..nerdy and somehow very irresistible at the same time. Plus guys with glasses look cute when they take their glasses off. Their eyes will be like small and squishy(?) and all, you know? So if you're reading this and you're wearing glasses (except Luqman. Euw) Hello there :D *raises eyebrow repeatedly in a very very flirty way*

2. He MUST be taller than I am.

Okay I know this may sound heightist(?) but don't you think I would look funny walking with a, um, well, fun-sized husband? a 170cm frame is quite unusual for a 19 year old (Arishah and Nazurah please do not brag about your abnormal heights here) so it would only be fair if I were to be married to someone who is slightly taller than me. I'm not asking for a 250cm tall guy yo. Just you know, a couple of cms taller would be nice. I want him to be tall enough so I can perfectly lean my head on his shoulder without looking awkward in anyway. AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! *melts*

3. He MUST not be as talkative or as retarded as I am.

Because heloooo, wouldn't our marriage be a little..disoriented if I were to marry a male versin of myself? Okay I know he would be very nice, sweet, caring and understanding (HIKHIK) but I guess I'd rather not do it. Because I am really enticed to the saying 'opposite attracts'. So if I married a male version of myself then who's going to, you know, put his foot down or something if I get carried away? (I honestly do not know what I mean by 'carried away') But if I have a husband that is the opposite of myself (well not COMPLETELY the opposite. Just a bit of here and there) then he wouldn't be so retarded and so he would have his common sense intact and can very well coordinate me. I think.

4. He MUST NOT be hot tempered.

I may have the patience of a Tibetan priest of something. BUT I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT TOLERATE HOT HEADED PEOPLE. Even if I look sweet and obeying on the outside but on the inside I am virtually tearing that person apart with my own bare hands. And a pair of very sharp rusty scissors. You know what they say....umm.I'm pretty sure they said something about this patience thing but I can't seem to remember what. Oh well.

5. He MUST love me for the lazy, stupid, annoying, slightly disoriented and exaggerated person that I am.

I mean, who doesn't want a husband like that? I hate marriages that are based on looks or material inheritance. They really are just fake marriages. They get married, have one hellova unnecessary lavish extravagant wedding and then they get divorced. Like WTF people? WTF? This kind of people ruins the whole beauty in marriage itself. I see marriage as a union of two people, a pure eternal bond that ties two people together for the rest of their miserable lives. Not some ceremony done so that a male and a female can have unlimited sex freely without being accused of being in close proximity. Marriage is just so much more than that. But somehow, people nowadays treat their marriages as insignificantly as they could. And I hate them for that. *stabs involved people in the gut*

Honestly speaking I wouldn't really mind if my husband turned out to not have the physical traits that I would've preferred on him. I could just shove a pair of glasses on his face and make him wear platforms all the time. So it wouldn't really be a problem. BUT the absence of no.3, 4 or 5 will not be tolerated. Either you have it, or we don't get married. It's pretty much simple really ;)


haha said...

Asal nama aku keluar?Gila terukk kau.
And your not euwwwing me sebab u hate me.



.huda. said...

haaha. ok kte sgt igt our 'future husband' together

mine-ala2 tellytubbies(how do u even spell this)

mayam- ro0000ck bebeh! harley davidson ag uhhh.HAHA

urs-(?) *awkward* -_-

Aika said...

luqman: im euwing you because it would be very awkward to raise my eyebrows at you in a very very flirty way -_-

huda: hahahaahahahahaha! haah doww mayam punye ah paling taktahaaaann!

anish said...

hahahh yang pasal wearing glasses tuu paling tk tahan! :p

misfaida said...

perlu ke sebut lagi pasal suami 'rockkk' tu?? waaa, mintak jauh. hhahha.