Saturday, March 6, 2010

The bedroom issue

I just realized how much I hate sharing a room. I don't mind dormmates or roomates that are the same age group as I am. BUT BUT BUT it's those wayy older kind of roommates (you MUST know what I'm talking about) that really bugs me.

The never ending nagging. The bossy attitude. The I-am-always-right-and-you-are-always-wrong issue that just seems to never stop. IT'S FREAKING ANNOYING. Sometimes I wish I can have my room all to myself. I'd like the privacy and I would certainly like having things done my way without anybody there to give destructive comments about my taste in decoration whatsoever.

It's not that I'm a loner. It's just that I don't like not having my own private space. I thought rooms are supposed to be like some kind of retreating place whenever you feel down and stuff like that. But I somehow just could not go into my room and cry my eyeballs out on my pillow or whatever when I feel down. Because there will be someone in that room that will say things that will further agitate me and piss me off like I've never been pissed before.

So THAT, is why I would prefer to have a room all to myself. But I can't since I live in a cosy little house with a limited number of rooms HENCE the room sharing. I just can't wait until the time when everybody gets married off and I'll be the only one at home. Ha Ha.

BUT BUT BUT. That doesn't mean that I would have issues sharing a bedroom with my husband to be. Because he's my husband duh. It would look totally wrong if we were to stay in separate rooms. Like in the Malay novels you know, when you get married to somebody against your and their will and then the guy doesn't like you and tells you to go and sleep in the guest room of something. So predictable tch tch tch.

So unless my marriage is going to be like in the Malay novels (nauzubillahiminzalikanfusina), I really won't mind sharing a bedroom with you dear husband to be. After all you ARE going to be my husband :D


haha said...


Aika said...

i have issues.

misfaida said...

mula2 cam tegang je,tetiba masuk pasal 'husband to be' bukan main lagi baik..
oit tkoz,ada prob ngan dormmate ke?
HAHA,tetiba.saje nak amik tau.


Aika said...

HAHAHA. bukan dormmate la maryam. KAKAK kite annoying -_-