Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why you should not use Google's language tool

This is just a random text I wrote to prove my point. I got this idea from Ange's blog :D

Ze English:
Greetings you people out there. I am so bored right now that I could take a bottle of apple cider vinegar and pour it onto my head while wearing a shower cap. Yes, I am that crazy and psychotic and I don't see why you should not be too. Being crazy and psychotic can sometimes be really fun I dare say. You must try it sometimes. But don't go overboard and perform really psychotic acts like bungee jumping down a 50m cliff using a 100m rope ladies and gentleman. Stay on the safe side. Remember that you have your family and imagine how upset and horrified they would be if they have to bury a son or daughter that pretty much resembles a scrambled egg.

Ze Arabic:
تحياتي لك الناس هناك. وأنا على ذلك بالملل الآن أنني أستطيع أن تأخذ زجاجة خل التفاح ، وسكبه على رأسي بينما يرتدي قلنسوة استحمام. نعم ، أنا الذي مجنون ونفسية وأنا لا أرى لماذا يجب أن لا يكون كبيرا جدا. يجري مجنون ونفسية قد تكون أحيانا حقا متعة أجرؤ على القول. عليك أن تحاول في بعض الأحيان. ولكن لا تسرف والقيام بأعمال حقا ذهانية مثل القفز إلى أسفل الهاوية 50m باستخدام حبل 100m سيداتي وسادتي. البقاء على الجانب الآمن. تذكر أن لديك عائلة وتخيل كيف بالضيق وروعت أنها ستكون اذا كان لديهم لدفن ابنه أو ابنته التي تشبه الى حد كبير مخفوقا.

Ze Engrish:
Greetings to you people out there. I am so bored now that I can take a bottle of apple cider vinegar, and pour it on my head while wearing a shower cap. Yes, I am the crazy, psychological, and I do not see why you should not be very large. Is going crazy and psychological can sometimes be really fun I would venture to say. You should try in some cases. But do not go overboard and doing really psychotic such as jumping to the bottom of a cliff using a 50m rope 100m ladies and gentlemen. Stay on the safe side. Remember that you have a family and to imagine how upset and appalled that it would be if they had to bury his son or daughter, which are very similar to scrambled egg.

Yes. I absolutely do not see why you should not be very large.

Ange's version ;

Ze english:
Greetings to you my delicious friend! I have been alive for twenty four years and pleasantly hope to continue so. i enjoy reading by candle-light, long walks on the beach and eating tofu while shaping my bonsai tree. I am now tied to wondrous islam. I used to follow the pope. my favourite afternoon snack is toast, which i eat while dipping my feet into a nice hot tub of bubbles and liquid (not always water). i also like to playfully run around corn fields, naked, while enjoying the warm rays of the sun on my earthly buttocks. i want to tell you more but i have to go and make a delicious dinner because my darling husband is yelling at me for food. i must make food now. Farewell darling!

Ze Arabic:
تحية لكم صديق لذيذ! لقد كنت على قيد الحياة لأربعة وعشرين عاما ، وسار على أمل أن تواصل ذلك. أنا استمتع في القراءة على ضوء الشموع ، ويسير لمسافات طويلة على الشاطئ وتناول التوفو حين تشكيل بلدي bonsai شجرة. أنا الآن ربط الإسلام الرائعة. كنت تتبع البابا. وجبة خفيفة بعد ظهر المفضلة هي الخبز المحمص ، والذي تناول الطعام في حين ينخفض الى قدمي جميلة الساخنة الحوض من فقاعات والسائلة (الماء ليس دائما). ط كما تدير هزلي حول حقول الذرة ، عارية ، في حين يتمتع الحارة أشعة الشمس على الأرض الأرداف. أريد أن أقول لك أكثر ولكن يتوجب علي الذهاب وتقديم عشاء لذيذ لأنه بلدي محبوب الزوج يصرخ في وجهي على الغذاء. ولا بد لي من تقديم الغذاء. وداع الثمينة

Ze Engrish:
Greetings to you friend Yummy! I have been alive for twenty-four years old, walked in the hope that it continue to do so. I enjoy reading in the light of candles and takes long walks on the beach The tofu until the formation of my bonsai tree. I am now linking Islam and buttons. I followed the Pope. The afternoon snack of choice is toast, and eat while falling to the feet of a beautiful hot tub of bubbles and liquid (water is not always). I also run a comic on the fields of corn, naked, while enjoy the warm sun on the ground buttocks. I want to say more, but you have to go and to make a delicious dinner that my husband loved to scream in my face and food. I must provide food. Farewell precious!

This could really be a fun online activity when you're bored out of your crap.


maryam said...

i love ange! blog die best gilaaaaa
and did u notice? layout kitorang sama. hehehe XD
tapi ana yg buat layout tu dulu, so jgn nak kate ana tiru die or whatsoeve okaaaaaay
wait. you ARE talking about the mama i married a masri ange right?

Aika said...




so nak cakap nt dgn ange sama ke ape -_-

she is like the most awesome hijabi convert i have ever cyber-encountered.

Anonymous said...

في بحر وش تبغي الامير يلبس بشت يعني