Monday, March 8, 2010

3 more days O.O

Until I turn nineteen.

Ha Ha.

I've never actually imagined myself being nineteen. To me, nineteen is just like something you skip over from eighteen to become twenty. Meh.

But I doubt I'll undergo mental alterations with this birthday coming. I'll still Lazy, stupid and retarded. I might be more retarded though. Or stupider. Erk. I'm already as lazy as a donkey so I don;t think I can be any lazier than I currently am.

It's just seems like a big number.


p/s: and in case you thought I've forgotten, I DO want birthday presents from those whom I call FRIENDS ok. Blek :P


arishahani said...

Present from friends only kan?not lesbo partner kan?haha

Aika said...

from lesbo partner i want smthng else lah beb. HAHHAHAHAH

Nasz said...

I think i'm not ur friend. sy hanya 'kawan'. So, tidak perlulah saya bersusah payah memcarikan hadiah utk kamooo cik Aika! ;p

Aika said...

friend and any other words in any other language that has a similar meaning to FRIENDSSS.