Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The one closed eye

He was her rock. He was there when she hit rock bottom. He helped her get back to her feet. He helped her go through it as if everything hasn't changed in the least bit. She knew that it wouldn't ever be the same. But it was his words. His words had made her so alive. His soothing whispered words kept her going. He was everything she needed at that moment. He was there.

But alas, nothing was meant to last for an eternity. Flowers that were once so refreshing to look at, wilted in a few mere moments. Trust that was built for a lifetime, shatters with just one word. And so does their supposedly eternal bond. She always knew this day would come. This day would finally come knocking on her front door with silent threats that she was going to be left to fend for herself. She was going to lose her rock. She knows it. But what she was not aware of, is how it would present itself.

Nevertheless, she went on being an ignorant fool. She was not fond of preparing for what is to come. Being herself, it was only normal for her to enjoy the welcomed ruckus at that precise moment. For she sees no need to assume of things to come, however good nor bad they may be for her. She does not believe in packing an umbrella when she witnesses that the sky is still clear, the sun still shining selflessly, the birds still flew and the bees still buzz. To her, it was not favorable to do so.

Little did she knew that she was going to deeply regret her past actions of unawareness. That fine morning she woke up with the most radiant curve, done by her lips, for he will be popping in for breakfast. How many days has it been? Or perhaps weeks since she last saw his inveigling face pressing against my window. Deep in thoughts as she slipped on her slippers, she proceeded to skip contentedly downstairs. She did everything she could to make the sitting room look presentable because she remember he once commented on how he liked the fact that her house was always neat and tidy whenever he swung by.

Even supposing it was only breakfast, she went all out and set up a feast especially for him because she had the image of him smacking his lips in delight and satisfaction at her cooking the last time he had dinner here committed to her memory. Bacons, eggs, porridge, english muffins, toasts and such other were put on the table and arranged according to his favorite one, which she made sure was within reach of his long, tanned, muscular hands. She was making coffee when she heard a faint knock on her wooden door.

At once, her face lit up. She patted her hand dry on the frilly apron she was wearing and quickly placed the pot on the table before creaking her way to the door. Why, he's never been this early! She thought as she put on her best smile and opened the door with one swing.

At the sight of his big wide alluring smile, she lunged at him with such intense emotion that she did not realize the moment he swiftly planted a 12-inch carver knife in her right abdomen. The sharp pain went through her body like the flowing of electricity. She was shocked. Shocked beyond belief that she failed to utter any words to express her sentiment at that instant. She gaped at him while feeling the bleeding wound with her right hand. Why? Why are you doing this to me? Before she can even articulate the words he violently pulled the knife that he embedded on her abdomen and plunged it into her again and again until her torso resembled nothing like a torso would've. She took one last astonished look at him and whimpered a soft "Whhhh.." at the disheveled look he had on his face.

And she was alive no more.

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