Sunday, March 21, 2010

I have a sucky life. Sometimes.

Tomorrow is going to be a couch king boring day. I've had enough of those really and it's only been a month!


After another two months, I would prolly be the most boring person in the world with no actual life save sitting in front of the laptop every single second of the day and clicking the refresh button on facebook. I would be a big failure to not have accomplished anything within this three whole months.

I did learn a bit of french BUT BUT BUT I just know less than 15 words really. God, I have to DO something. Most of my friends are working. At least they're getting $$$. And I'll be here. At home. Alone. With absolutely NOTHING NADA NIL ZILCH ZERO thing to do except to care for my two nephews (which I rarely accomplish), eat and be on facebook (again) all day long.

NOW tell me I'm not a failure.

Suddenly I can't wait for the semester to start. I want to go back to Nilai (I cannot believe I am saying this). Being at home doesn't work out really well for me. I'll just end up being an eyesore for everyone with my beyond-this-world laziness skills.

I am so not productive.

Can anyone suggest me ANYTHING to do within 2 months? I don't want silly and corny suggestions like "Go shopping!" or "Go hang out with your friends every day!" I WOULD do that. If I have the money. Which I obviously don't. I am running very very very very very low on money and I really want to find a job I really do.

But there are these two little tiny things that are standing in my way:

1) I don't have a car. Heck, I don't even have a legal license. And I don't actually have a spare car lying around on my porch. So, I cannot possibly DRIVE to work like everyone else.

2) I have overprotective parents who wouldn't let me work as salesgirls or cashiers. The most common reasons are "Think about the bad people you'll be getting involved with!" or "The environment is just not suitable for you" or "You're better off staying home and watching your nephews."

My life, can, suck.


haha said...

I would suggest you to , uhhhhh.

Take a really good care of your nephews (?)


Aika said...


kiko kiki lala said...

take driving license.
u dunt have one yet.

Aika said...
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Aika said...

kiko, i have hodophobia O_O