Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to judge yourself.

So a few hours ago, Naqib ran at me screaming "I want to pee! I wan to pee!" So naturally I took him to the toilet, took off his pants for him and he squatted himself on the toilet. And being a good aunt I waited for him to finish.

But then he said, "Oh I think I wanna poop too."


And judging on how I washed after him after he pooped, I KNOW I would be a lousy mother -_-

So after that Mak told me to come down and eat. After having lunch alone I figured oh what the heck, I'll do the dishes today. So I cleaned up the table and wiped it clean and after that I did the dishes and wiped the sink clean AND I even threw the yucky wet food that got stuck in the sink WITH MY OWN BARE HANDS.

And judging on how I did the dishes I KNOW I would be a fantastic housewife :D


najihah said...

HAHAHA..what a fantastic wife...nak recommend kat abg aku lorr..WAKAKA

Aika said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. awkward gila dengan abang kawan sndiri HAHA.