Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bahasa budaya bangsa

I actually HATE speaking in English. Most people might not know this or might not have guessed. But yes. That is the ultimate truth. I HATE HAVING TO SPEAK IN ENGLISH.

Perhaps most people aren't aware of this because I usually blog in English, message in English and chat in English. But that's just about as far as I would go in using the English language as a communication tool. And eventhough I did represent my school in ENGLISH public speaking and ENGLISH debate, I still DO NOT like to speak in English.

Unless I really really have to.

Like during presentations, or asking questions in class (being a BEN student and all. But sometimes I do ask the questions in Malay :|) or in competitions. And also when I'm speaking to my non-Malay friends or my non-Malay classmates who can't really comprehend Malay. I will only and only speak English if I really really really really really have to.

Oh and one more thing.


I mean, what's the point really? You know how to speak Malay, I know how to speak Malay, so why the heck are we speaking in English to each other? I just feel really..dumb when I speak English to someone who IS A MALAY/KNOWS MALAY.

I know a lot of people do it though. Even in UIA. I'm not really condemning (But I really think I am, in a way) what they're doing but in my point of view it's just blatantly stupid. Like what are you trying to prove by jabbering away in English? That you can speak English fluently so people will be impressed? Hear it from me, nobody really gives a fig on that. Not me, at least. I can speak in English if I want to. I just don't see the point of doing it with fellow Malays.

Because yes, I would much more prefer to converse in Malay a hundred times more than in English. And I have my reasons for that. People who know me like REALLY know me would prolly know why.

So guys, if you're speaking to me as in the eye to eye speaking, PLEASE SPEAK IN BAHASA MELAYU. Or else I'll just look at you blankly like I don't know what the hell you're blabbering about.

I know some people might say that this is very unprofessional of me and by constantly speaking in English you would improve your communication skills for future use but like I said, it's not that I don't speak English AT ALL. I do speak the language. Just when it's necessary.

I just fail to see the use of having daily chats in English. I think that's just plain showing off. Kthxbai.


ezral Sya said...

JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPP. You're a BEN STUDENT!!?!?!?! I wanna take up BEN nanti (berangan)! wootssss! See you soon senior (hopefully) TEEHEHEEEHEEE

How is it anyway? BEN.

ezral Sya said...

Ish kat sekolah senior, kat uni pun senior, herghh (berangan lagi)

You took the foundation course la eh?

Aika said...

sha, i thought ive mentioned it about 50 times here. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!

u nak masuk uia ke omgggg? stalker gila HAHA. masukla! i got one more sem dekat nilai tu. boleh jugak teserempak2. hehehehe.

haah amek foundation ni. lagi satu sem and then im off to gombak :D okay jugakla. susah kalau tak blajar. but then again, what isnt -_-

tapi mmg berganda lagi senang dari medic pharmcay biowhatshitscience and all that.


ezral Sya said...


Errrrrr, heh? I'm not THAT obsessed with you la then, to not have noticed earlier ;)

I didnt really consider UIA at first, macam dekat sangat, i wanna study somewhere further hehe poyo kan aaiii, but then if i'm not mistaken, UIA je kan yg offer BEN foundation programme ni kan? And it's a new one right? You must know my friend Mira Mashuri? She was the one who recommended it to me lepas tu terus hooked hehe because I so wanna take up foundation instead of diploma form 6 matrix bla3 semua tu eegh


Awww look forward to being your junior, again :D :D :D

Aika said...


ohs ive seen her a few times dekat nilai. and yes i think UIA he yg ada offer BEN. hehe. IPTA lain peringkat degree adalah but i chose UIA so then i takpayah go through that stupid goverment matriculation yang susah macam anak khinzir tu.

gov punye matric kalau xdpt 4 flat nnti derang baling masuk je kos mane2 pun. UIA mcm bes je kan mmg dah konfem kite dpt buat degree yg kite nak time matric so i took it :D

jom masuk uia ramai-ramai!

ezral Sya said...

EXACTLY. "Foundation" also sounds so much better than "Matrix" HAHAHAHAHA shallow gila kan :D

Oh eh so nanti degree semestinya kena sambung BEN or not necessarily? English Lit pun macambest jugak kan :B

MARIIIII! Fail Arab ramai2 eheheheheh

ceLy. said...

hahaha. BEN STUDENT WHO HATES ENGLISH. gile vain. *salute*

Aika said...

tautakpeeeeeeee :D

degree nnti ada 3 choice i think, ada linguistics, TESL dgn literature+linguistics.

im opting for TESL of course. linguistic is CRAZY STUFF. unless you REALLY get it, know what i mean? :D

eh i blajar arab dari tadika smpai form 4 ye kak. mana main fail fail ni xD

maryam said...

omaigodddd tell me about it.
kat sini sume macam nak poyo2 speaking english sesama malay. kadang2 sumpah rasa nak pelempang sikit bg drg sedar diri.

Aika said...

oh god bam i totally feel for you man. dekat sini pun lebih kurang like heloooo, uia je pun. sunway msti lagi kronik kan?


.huda. said...

alaaa biar je dyorg NK SPEAKING,

nk IMPRESS people>>thats what they're doin, HAHA

dala grammar sometimes BERTERABOR hoo

jhtnya i niehh. waaaa!

miss u tieka mieka,

khairin said...

Oh cis ada 3 choices je? kalau nak other than that memang takleh eh? and memang kena sambung kat UIA je la kan?

wadehel is linguistics .......... Literature macam seronok je :) TESL ok jugak, boleh kita sesama jadi cikgu kat KD10 balik, gila ah, semua benda sesama, kawin sesama jugak nanti jom hahaha wtf syaa

Hekeleh. I'll fail alone then >:|

khairin said...

Ohhey sori, atas tu ezralsya la tau hehe didnt notice i was logged into my sister's account -_____-

Aika said...

linguistics is the knowledge of language XD alaah masuk uia nnt you'll learn la. tapi ni mmg subject yg org paling suka nak fail sbb kalau tak paham tu mmg haihaibaibai la kau hehehehe. literature sangaaat interesting! tapi kalau dpt lecturer yg ktorg dpt sem lepas er..er. hehehheh.