Sunday, May 2, 2010

The apple adventure

Please don't mind the very ftw sounding topic.

I just wanted to show you pictures of my soggybottom perfectly baked apple pie :D

I didn't capture any when I was baking though. Because I know Mak would be pissed off with me snapping around when I was supposed to peel and grate the apples. Hehe. Yes my mother did help me A BIT. Only on the pastry part because the dough was so friggin lembut(?) susah gila nak bentuk jadi bentuk pie ftw.

It's baked! Looks very glossy. Maybe it's because of the egg white that I splashed on top.

I should've had this one up first right.

YUMMY LOOKING SOUR APPLE PIE! Overall I think it tasted ok lah. But a bit sour T_T Note to self : Put more caster sugar next time.

Random picture of Ayah comei ♥

Laku jugak pai epal masam ni *bangga*




misfaida said...

ooo tkoz, langsung tak bagi kte rasa. len kali bwklah sepotong atau lebih ke uia pj, dtg blik ktorang. boleh ajak fatim mkn skali, rasa pie buatan tgn tkoz. wahhhh, boleh jdi isteri solehah ni insya-Allah. aminn. ehehee.


Aika said...


Anonymous said...

post la resepi nye plak cik aika..hehe

Aika said...

hagahag resipi selekeh je tu. akan diupload pada next entri ya kot