Saturday, May 8, 2010

A mini guide, for YOU!

I think that my English is somehow getting more and more horrible by the minute. I am never agreeing on a 3 month long vacation period, EVER AGAIN. It dries the brain out of me. Like I have any brains but, you get the picture.

Random list on how to improve your English:

1. Listen to MORE English songs! Pick the ones with a lot of complicated words so that while you're listening to that song, you can learn new words as well. Like Simple Plan's When I'm Gone. Before that song debuted I have never used the word procrastination. Heck, I've never even heard of it. So listening to English songs isn't really a bad thing. It can certainly help in improving your vocabulary. But make sure you pick the right songs. Don't go listening to Alesana and trying to find new words. That's hopeless.

2. Watch MORE English movies! Besides learning new words, you can also learn how to pronounce words properly so you won't sound silly when you speak in English. Don't just see the movie blindly and gain nothing from it. I know sometimes there are the moral values parts and stuff but honestly, the moral values in movies these days are so cliche, it's like they copied it right out of Snow White or Cinderalla. You see like 252638644 different genres of movies and you can only make out 3 moral values or so because of the repetition of moral values. So instead of busy picking up moral values along the storyline, why don't you enhance your English knowledge of speech by learning to utter in a much more professional manner.

3. Read MORE English books! Okay this part might be tricky because there are thousands and thousands of English book in the market. You just have to know which book is good for your English knowledge. Reading books can be a plus to your vocabulary because DUH books are made out of words. For starters,I don't recommend you start with the books of the Sci-Fi genre. You may have difficulties in your understanding of the complex words hence your understanding of the storyline will be screwed up. But if you still wanna read Sci-Fi, just make sure you have a thick Oxford dictionary beside you. It can really be of help if you come across hard words that you really have no clue about.

But if you're not ready for Sci-Fi, you might wanna start on the Harry Potter books. I think the words in the Harry Potter series has a range from the easy peasy words to the wtf-does-this-word-even-exist words. So it's quite balanced because you can prolly understand most of the words and that will fo sho help you to comprehend the storyline. BUT, if you have doubts on the Harry Potter series, you can always start on Enid Blyton's book. I have always loved reading Enid Blyton during primary school mainly because the words are really easy and I doubt you'll have any difficulty in understanding them. Unless of course, English is not your second language or whatever. But don't be shy to learn! It's not wrong to read an Enid Blyton book and have a big Oxford dictionary beside you. It would look odd but really, who gives a damn?

The next stage is to apply the words and pronunciations that you have learned by listening to music, watching movies and reading books. If you are a student, you're really lucky because you can apply the news words that you've learned in your assignments (if the subject is in English of course. Don't go writing an essay in full English for Bahasa Melayu subject. That's just plain stupid) and also your exams. But be sure to learn the proper situation where the words can be inserted first because you don't wanna end up with an essay that sounds really off when being read.

Look up the dictionary for the meaning and correct usage of the words before applying them in real life. You 'll have one awesomazing sounding essay fo sho dawg.

In terms of pronunciation, you can apply them when speaking to your non-Malay friends. Really, don't speak English with your other Malay friends. That's just..wrong :| Well, unless you're practicing for a speech or something equally important. Then it's ok lah. Heheh. Also, please make sure that you don't overdo it when you're speaking. Fake accents are absolutely 72639276253% unnecessary. Haha. But if you happen to find them entertaining, then it's okay lah :D Please don't go all over the place parading your unique style of pronouncing words. You'll make a big fool out of yourself and people WILL talk behind you. Trust me, I know.

Just speak in a normal, but professional manner. You'll gain more respect by doing so rather than rambling uncertain rubbish in a fake accent.

So there you have it! The random guide to improve your Anglais :D

Hope it helps!


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i totally agree!! yay yay

esp the dont speak eng w malay frenz part..

so lame dude,

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asl ALESANA TAK LEH LAKKK? ni yg marah niii. bukan teruk sgt pun kottttttttt.

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