Tuesday, May 18, 2010


As most of you would've probably know, I'm half Indian. HAHA THAT'S LIKE THE BIGGEST LIE EVER. No, really I'm not. I'm just half Mamak and half Malay. Although I personally think that I'm 4/5 mamak and 1/5 Malay -_- I have Mamak traits (let's say Indian shall we. Mamak's are descended from Indians after all. I think) written all over me. I like, no, LOVE Indian food. Well to tell you the truth most of my family member does because DUH.

But there's just one thing that they're not into and that's ladoo! I LOOOOVVVEEEE LADOO. Really, I do. I love it's unique sweetness, it's textures, it's color (most ladoos are yellow though) and everything about it! Occasionally, we do get invitations to Indian Muslim weddings and the part I love the most about this is the ladoo that they usually hand out to the guests. Just like how Malays give hard boiled eggs during weddings. And because everyone else in my family doesn't fancy ladoo as much as I do, it'll all usually be given to me hence my endless supply of ladoos for a month hahahaha.

God, if I could get my hands on that tray full of ladoo I WILL LICK IT CLEAN.

Another Indian trait that I seem to posses is my love for colors! And when I say colors I mean multicolored things. My friends would probably know that I have this favorite multicolored polka dot carry-all that I carry everywhere. I JUST ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Mainly because it's multicolored and it's really easy to match with my outfits. The colors are really vibrant! I bought it like 2 years ago and it's gone a little faded now. But I think that's my fault for never washing it O_O


If I would ever have the chance to go to a prom, I would totally wear something similar to this,

It just looks so pretty and colorful and authentic. I wonder how much it would cost :|

And another thing I have been longing to do is wear a saree. I think the saree is a very classy piece of clothing. Like, it shows, but not too much. Plus the material they usually use for making saree is so thin and soft, but is of high quality. I know, because I do have a few baju kurung moden made from kain saree -.- Mak bought a lot when she went to India a few years back. Not to mention that the theme for my brother's wedding was yellow saree. My mom, my aunts, my sisters, my female cousins were all dresses in  kebaya made out of kain saree. Indian much -.-

I was fourteen ok.

Back to sarees. If I was ever given a chance to wear sarees, I would totally pick one that is a shade of red. Or maybe slightly pinkish. Like this one,

The embroideries are so stunning, God I wish I could wear something like this someday T_T

This one is quite nice too,


But even if I did buy one(?) I prolly wouldn't know how to wear it. I do know that you'll have to belit this very loooooooooooong piece of clothe around you like what, 6 ela or something. And if you belit it wrong, it'll end up looking like an awkward saree.


Oh oh I found a step-by-step guide on how to wear a saree properly!

Dammit that looks hard o_O

The cloth just looks endless. Like the wrapping around would never stop or sth.

Ok google is distracting me with 8664836620298746 images of pretty sarees. Damn you google.


ani arishah said...

aku tak penah makan ladoo
sila masakkan untuk aku yee

Aika said...

aku mana tau masak doh aku tau makan je HAGHAGAHGAHGAHAG

Anonymous said...

senang je pakai saree. i've tried before. hehe. nice :)

ani arishah said...

alah kau ni gedik ayam lah

.huda. said...

polka dot yg comel=D