Friday, January 2, 2009


funny when you see all those profiles in myspace and the owners go,
"im mixed arabic and malay"
"im mixed chinese and malay"
"im mixed whatever-the-hell-im-mixed-with and malay"

but its even funnier because i never saw any profiles with,
"im mixed indian and malay"

lol maybe i should be the first to put it?ya think?

heh kepada orang-orang yang suka mengejek kehitaman saya dahulu.u know what,i just dont care anymore.nak ejek,go very happy and comfortable with myself right now and i wouldn't give the world to change it.yes i think it'd be cool if i was fair.but whats wrong with being half-indian?black sunburned skin? happy with it.becuse if i dont have my black sunburned skin,then i probably wouldnt be where i am now.thankyou bullies for plummeting down my self esteem.thnkyou bullies for making me feel ugly and hideous all the time.thnkyou bullies for saying those hurtful things like 'kicap,keling,parya,hitam,afrika' etc etc.but most of all,thnkyou for making me realize that i can still achieve something and have a bright future even if im not pretty and putih melepak.whereas you'll probably work as a labour or be drug addicts or something lol.bullied people will ALWAYS end up being the on the go ahead,look at me,give a big fat grin and yell "KELING!!".id just probably look at you and smile :)

if you ppl hadn't teased me since i entered primary school,i guess i wouldn't be the 'heh tak kesah' person i am,uh,my standing ovation?lol.

during the caliph14 barbecue the whole lot of you came and i was constantly reminded about all the teasing i had to endure during my secondary school years in alamin.but no,i didn't make a face and put beetles in your water bottles anymore.i just smiled thinking about all those stupid things ive done to get spitting in your water bottles,searching your bags to find something that i can use to blackmail you,make insulting names and use them behind your back.i did A LOT of stuff add to the stupidity i even wrote a love poem to this guy,uh ill think ill call him the years before.tapi sekarang saya sudah ada otak nak fikir.and since i wouldn't bladi be seeing you anymore ill tell it all here, what you want,all i care is pursuing my degree and masters and getting married to someone i love and have dummies don't really leave any prints in my life after all :)


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