Wednesday, January 28, 2009


sotopher said:

apahal aika ni yang lebih2?macam dia pulak yang kena.liyana pun tak de lebih mcm dia.
karim apa kata korang tegur si aika ni punya blog pula,jadi x nampak sangat dia overact.

aku nampak komen ni dekat post karim yang die dedicate dekat lee untuk menunjukkan keobsessan compulsivean nya itu.jengkel,aku tahu.

tak banyak aku boleh ckap pasal komen ni.cume kalau tak tahu asal usul takpayah cakap anything.lee marah memang marah.just that die tak tunjuk.unlike me.hei soalan "apahal ik ni yang lebih2?" tu aku rasa bodoh.

its general knowledge that girls are protective over their friends.u piss a girl,u piss her friends.maybe the girl doesnt express what she really feels,but dont worry.her friends will do it REAL BAD.friends do reflect each other's emotion ya know?

so its really obvious to the fact as to why im the one overreacting(not overact ah)when lee is the one being provoked.u already know that i attack when altho ur provoking her,its like ur indirectly provoking me too get it?so of course lah ill be the one overreacting like duhh.

and yes im the bad bimbo.hate me for my vulgar comments.hate me for backing my friend.hate me ppl.and just get it over with.

i would like to end this post with some controversial pictures,

controversial picture number one:

yes karim,MARRY US.

controversial picture number two:

yes karim,we DO love,seriously WE DO.

controversial picture number three:

the picture really says it all.HEAR OUR VOICES OH GREAT KARIM!

you should be flattered we dedicated cute little cupcakes to you.or you guys.whatever.

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