Saturday, January 3, 2009


going shopping with mummy is always something to laugh at.because she doesnt really keep up with the,uh,latest IN things and stuffs so she was sorta blur whenever i go shopping with her.

a few weeks ago i went to ou with her because i was in dire need of blue jeans.I HAVE NONE.i know its practically a sin to not have blue jeans!so i went to forever21.and she kept suggesting that i buy SKINNY jeans.yes ppl,its aka the CARROT CUT.our convo went something like tis lah,

mummy:tkah take this one lah.the material very nice wan.
me:ma.those are SKINNY JEANS.i cant wear SKINNY JEANS!*hyperventilates*
mummy:whts wrong with skinny jeans?
mummy:*mumbles*like ur so fat.


and besides skinnies,she also told me to try on HIGH WAISTED JEANS.

mummy:hey these are nice!*points to high waisted jeans*
me:ma.they're high waisted jeans.
me:i cant wear high waisted jeans!
mummy:fineeeee go find ur own bladi jeans.*mumbles some more*teenagers these days.

lol thats why i rarely go shopping with mummy.we just cant really see eye to eye on fashion lol.but i do like the fact that she's ok with whatever i long as it covers my aurat lah hehe.and the fact that she gives me money to buy what i like to wear HEHEHE.

dont worry mummy i still love you :D

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