Tuesday, January 6, 2009

nyek de nyek

kicking the baku-ness aside.

haifa and i have been planning.oh in case u didnt know,she's my workmate.both of us are 17 so yeah we met and clicked just like that.i met her a few days ago and already we're like eternal bestfriends lmao.see how fast i can be friends with unknown ppl?HEH HEH.

so since our pay was the same and both of us wanted to do OT(overtime) for 4 times every month,we figured that we'd resign in may because we wanna spend the rest of june pampering ourselves with the pay.BE JEALOUS.muahahahaha*refer to rico's laugh*

so we started having this crazy idea that we'd follow a tour group(bikin senang) and travel.i mean REALLY TRAVEL.we looked up hong kong disneyland's package,an indonesian shopping spree package and a muslim tour of beijing package.watt they're really cheap and affordable okayy.and i hope my passport is still valid so i dont have to spend rm300 on it hoh.haha padan muka kau haifa kena buat pasport baru :P

i realleh want to goo.we've put aside 1000 for visa passport tickets etc and 1500 for shopping.HOOOOOOOOTS.so that leaves us another 1500 to sambung shop in malaysia lah..waa sukanya!

tadi i sort of joked to mummy and daddy(THEY WERE ACTUALLY LISTENING TO WHAT I WAS SAYING.WOOOHH) about this thing and i was really surprised that they were sort of okay with it.usually mummy ah,even when i joke she would say,"DONT.EVEN.BLADI.THINK.ABOUT.IT" but i was like joking tadi kan.so taktahulah if i asked for real she would permit me or not.i think daddy would tho.but well,yeah.

so bila i sudah kumpul my money ill ask them again.for real.hoh kini i sudah berdebar macam gila.mengapa harus post begini ah.

ok babai.

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