Monday, January 5, 2009


i felt sorry for syawal.because his brother died a few days earlier.and he was just about to start his last year of school.and i feel like an insensitive bitch when i suddenly blurted,"how did your brother die?".

maybe he was having a hard time coping with it and im directly being so insensitive and stupid.i have a thing about funerals.i mean,when people whom i may have known directly or indirectly dies.its like,my world suddenly goes dark for a while.and i pun jadi sober and moody semacam.its just that,knowing that they're dead and im still alive.its..oh bladihell its so hard to explain.

al-fatihah to mohd zaliff bin zainal.i hope u stay strong syawal.and study hard this year and get as many a's u can sure your brother would have wanted the same too.and learn to be an awesomazing guitarist like he did sure he would have been proud of you.altho we hadnt been close just know that i'll always be ur friend ok?altho i know ud prefer jazelia a million times more HEH HEH.

oh and a few last words,
goodluck in your spm ok.altho i know its still months ahead of you but it doesnt hurt to be prepared early.early birds get the worm!(xde kaetan) so kickstart this year with ur kickass saya-mhu-berjaya spirit yo!i know you can do it :D


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