Thursday, January 1, 2009

i wonder

so since lee has HER senarai kesyukuran(lol im still calling it that!),i wanna have mine too :D

1. im thankful that Allah created me like this.
2. im thankful that my family doesn't have economical crisis.
3. im thankful that i was born a muslim :)
4. im thankful that i went to three different schools.
5. im thankful that i have a lot of friends whom i know i can count on.
6. im thankful that im the youngest in the family :D
7. im thankful that i wasnt pampered TOO much.
8. im thankful that i live in a peacefull(heh) country.
9. im thankful that i have 3 insane sisters.
10. im thankful(NOT) for my dumb annoying brother becuse he gives me lots of duit raya.
11. im thankful that my parents let me choose my future.
12. im thankful that i know sinful stuffs ARE sinful.
13. im thankful i have friends who can pull me bak if i went astray.
14. im thankful i have been in an aeroplane.
15. im thankful i have went to the overseas and experienced what it was like in a non-muslim country(like malaysia is.huh)
16. im thankful i have been to dreamworld when lot of people havent(HAHA SHAME ON YOUU)
17. im thankful that Allah is always with me.
18. im thankful that i do know what's wrong from what's right.
19. im thankful i have the ability to write and speak well in english.
20. im thankful that i can easily memorize facts.
21. im thankful that my house is big enough for 11 people.
22. im thankful that i can eat whatever i want and not get fat.yet.
23. im thankful that daddy was sort of indian amd mummy was malay.because i dont look typical :D
24. im thankful that i can finish a 500 paged book in 5 im not.
25. im thankful that i am now working and earning money so i can buy what i want without asking money from mummy and daddy.
26. im thankful for the fact that i am a friendly person and i can easily be friends with people i've never met.
27. im thankful for my big elephant mug.
28. im thankful to whoever invented chocolate.
29. im thankful to secret recipe becuse their chocolate indulgance cake is WOHOOO!
30. im thankful that i am still alive and well.
31. im thankful that i already have my future mapped out.
32. im thankful that my parents will love me no matter what.(they said so :P)
33. im thankful that i can make people laugh :)
34. im thankful that lee is blogging again.
35. im thankful that i can read and write or else i wouldnt have a blog lol.
36. im thankful that my tudung has never been pentagon-ized.(LMFATAO)
37. im thankful that mummy can cook.
38. im thankful that ill be able to buy an ipod with my pay.which is what i intend to do at the end of january hoh.
39. im thankful that i wear no cleansers because my muka akan bertambah buruk if i do. thankful for the asian food channel and license to grill.
41. im thankful tht i have a comfy bed which i can sleep in every night.
42. im thankful for my bantai lampi.
43. im thankful that my sisters always belanja me when im pokai.
44. im thankful that my parents dont have any serious heriditary diseases.
45. im thankful for my annual choclate bar from aunty bah.
46. im thankful that i know how to make delish pancakes.
47. im thankful that i have honey and chocolate syrup to eat the pncakes with.
48. im thankful that i no longer have desires to be loved by a non-mahram.
49. im thankful that i no longer have crushes scattered all over the world.
50. and lastly,im just thankful that i am me :)

haha lee my senarai kesyukuran is longer than yours!see,im a more thankful person :D

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