Friday, January 2, 2009


i am officially in love with the oprah winfrey is like,the best talk show everr.and the audience are very kickass lucky woooh.i sooo wanna be in the studio.especially if its the 'oprah's top pick for summer' episode!omg like ALL the audience will get her picks how crazy is that huh?

yesterday was one of the highly anticipated 'oprah's top pick for summer' episode.and she was showing off stuffs like a high-tech barbecuing set complete with the barbecue stuffs eg clippers and everything.then there were LOTS of make up with brands like shu uemura,yves saint laurent and bobbi brown.lipsticks,lip gloss,foundation, name it they so totally have it.and oprah also picked a summer vacation bag and it comes with three cute designs!believe me ppl i was REALLY gaping with my mouth open at the tv.and while she was showing off the compartments on the bag,she took out a gps system and its PINK like omagah omagah i practically hyperventilated. i mean,A PINK GPS SYSTEM?oh god.and from another pocket she took out a debit shopping card with 200$ innit.and get this,ALL the audience will get ALL the stuffs mentioned above.from the 800$ barbecuing set to the 200$ debit her crazy people but i LOOOOOVE OPRAH!

i wanna be one of ur audience please please please oprah pleeeaaasssseeeeeee.*makes extra cute puppy dog eyes and licks ice cream for cute-er effect*

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