Monday, January 5, 2009


curi tulis blog time kerja.
contohilah saya :D

so im at work rite now.and im blogging bcause nobody else is in the office since im bloggin at work might as well talk about work.or pay to be exact.hooots.lagi satu bulan i dapat my pay!(mcm shari due je)

and im setting a target for my january pay.since my basic salary is rm800 and everytime i work overtime i got rm50,im planning to have 4 overtimes this month so i can up my salary to(yes ppl) thousand thousand thousand thousangg bebeh.4 WOAH.ive never THAT much money thts why lah im super-batak ed over my pay and thus i intent to capai my target!*skips around*

list of MUST BUY things:
1.cute tops.*hyperventilates BIGTIME*
2.jeans.i want tat grey jeans i saw in forever21(!!)
3.and ipod nano.(collect dari yang paling kecil ya!)
4.a handbag/handbagS. shoes and lots of em.
6.a pair of roxy flipflops.*in important politician voice*"i go for the best qualities only"HEEEHHHH

and ill sambung laterr lah.i heard a tingtong.must be one of those cerewet cus

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